Avrasya İşletme ve İktisat Dergisi Yıl:2016  Sayı: VOL1S1  Alan: BOL

Günümüz Lojistik İşletmelerinde Örgüt İçi İletişimin Artan Önemi

Anahtar Kelimeler: Lojistik, Yönetim, Çalışma İlişkileri, Örgütsel İletişim, Kalite Yönetimi

Increasing trading capacity with globalization has increased the need for logistic and transportation. Services types which logistic companies provide has changed at beginning of industrialization raw material transportation used to be conducted. After that’s semi manufactured and semi product were started to be transported. Now days last output products are distributed in global market. Most of products are bought without resellers or with fewer re-sellers the most important reason for this is that The consumers can reach product from the first hand with information which current communication era provides. As result of this new service styles such as intermodal transformation, multimodal transportation, integrated logistics services have appeared. For this transportation services not only safety but also speed has gained important. For the logistic operation to be fast and appropriate an increasing important of communication a fact. To realize logistic companies aims exterior environment and in organization communication needs to be empowered. In logistic companies the most important determiner of quality. Is affective communication in the organization. In companies where cooperation and communication is affective product are transported. In companies where cooperation and communication is affective products are transported safely, without delay, and without problems. For the customer satisfaction most important determines is the transportation of the product to be without problem and in time. To be successful in complex operation process can only be possible with improvement of communication inside organization. Communication inside organization provide companies the ability to get opportunities and to overcome crises without loss. It improves coordination and it makes it possible for the management to reach companies goals. With the functions of communication inside organization supply of information, education, organization culture, development, enabling coordination and thus provide logistic operations without problems. Formel and Informal communication types needs to be developed affectively inside the company. Vertical, lateral, upside down, cross all communications ways should be open. Regarding’s project reports which are developed and written suggestions, which are given by the employee who works for operation development brochures bulletin, instructions, hand books, periodical visit department by managers, interactions with employee family members, meetings inside the companies, face to face interviews, social activities, hobby clubs of company employees, contributes to in company communications as to way communications as to way communication ways. Now days for logistic and trans companies’ organization communication is the is the key to company success.

Keywords: Logistic, Management, Labor Relationship, Organizational Communication, Quality Management